Being directed by Anil Sharma, of Sunny Deol rips out handpump to kick neighbourhood ass fame, ‘Veer’ was always gonna be a testosterone-fest, regardless of the who the actors were. But when your lead is Salman Khan… in a story written by Salman Khan… over 20 years… That’s when testosterone levels touch awesome proportions of epic!

And make no mistake, this movie is epic, in every sense of the term! Now, there’re a million pretty obvious jokes that could follow that line, so I’m gonna let you choose. Fill in the blank with the superlative of your choice.

An epic _________:

– fail.

– waste of time.

– exercise in not ripping every strand of hair out from your scalp.

– synonym for “So Mind-Numbingly Awful, I’d rather watch ‘Radio‘ again”.

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