Race 2

“Cherry, I don’t have time to pop your cherry”, says Anil Kapoor to his assistant Ameesha Patel at the beginning of the film, thus setting the stage for the high-brow entertainment to follow over the next couple of hours. This Abbas-Mustan sequel, which also stars Saif Ali Khan (as Ranveer Singh), John Abraham (as Armaan Malik), and Deepika Padukone & Jacqueline Fernandes (as Eye Candy 1 & 2) is basically the first part all over again, but with CGI worse than you’ll see in this comic. Oh, and speaking of the first part, there’s also a weird-ass cameo by Abraham’s ex, Bipasha Basu, reprising her role from ‘Race’.

All this is not to say that they shouldn’t have made ‘Race 2’. I mean, how else would pearls of wisdom like “Men are many, but money is money” go out into the world?

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