The Xposé

Well, where do we begin with this one? Far be it for me to diss anyone’s dreams, but this is unlikely film actor Himesh Reshammiya’s (playing unlikely film actor Ravi Kumar) bazillionth attempt at a solo lead gig. At this point, I would just like to take a moment to say to him… bro, ho gaya. You gave it a good shot and some of your projects even made money. But when you start doing films that aren’t even bad enough to like ironically, you know you’ve done messed it up. I mean, this film starred feminist icon Yo Yo Honey Singh (in a rare part that isn’t played by writer, music director, singer, actor, producer, and distributor Himesh) and it still doesn’t score on camp value. There just is no forgiving lost potential like that. Like I said… Bro, ho gaya!

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