Bang Bang

For those wondering, the reason this column went MIA is not because Bollywood magically discovered that concept called logic in these last couple of months (I mean, did you see Kick?) No, I got diagnosed with a baaaad case of TB. I was in and out of hospitals, under house arrest when I got discharged, out of touch with all my friends, and unable to eat solid food. And then, this past weekend, I saw Siddharth Anand’s ‘Bang Bang’. Now, I’m not saying that the movie is worse than tuberculosis, but… you know. Starring the set of chiselled abs formerly known as Hrithik Roshan (playing the set of chiselled abs called Rajveer) and romancer of inanimate consumer products, Katrina Kaif (as Plain Jane – Hah! – Harleen) this film is an official remake of the only somewhat enjoyable ‘Knight and Day’.  And let’s just say that ‘Bang Bang’ is exactly what you should expect from a duplicate of an original product that’s already questionable, at best. But hey, abs!

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