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‘Chhalaang’ was produced and written by Luv Ranjan — he of women-are-the-enemy-but-men-must-still-have-them speeches fame. To balance him out, it was directed by Hansal Mehta who most recently made ‘Scam 1992 – The Harshad Mehta Story’ — probably my favourite Hindi webseries yet. When two opposing forces like that meet, one must triumph over the other. In this case, unfortunately, I feel like our Luver boy has won the duel. It’s not the worst film that released last week (check out the ‘Laxmii’ recap for that, oof!), but that doesn’t mean it’s worth too much of your time either. My advice? Just go watch ‘Scam 1992’. It’s like six hours longer, but it’s a much better investment than this film, trust me.

This recap brought to you by our magnanimous producers and all-round amazing peeps Aaliya and Mononita Ganguly.

Also, a HUGE shoutout to some of the members who make all of this possible:

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Making everyone green with envy, Harinee Chandrasekhar
And the ever amazing, Rujuta Shah

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