Lahore Confidential

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‘Lahore Confidential’ is a film that was created by S. Hussain Zaidi, the author whose book inspired the masterpiece that is ‘Black Friday’. But man oh man, ‘Black Friday’ this is not.

Now I call this a “film”, but that’s up for debate if I’m being totally honest. At 68 minutes long, this Richa Chadha-starrer is closer to the length of an HBO drama episode than a feature film. But that’s neither here nor there. Mostly because the sheer volume of illogical plot points that they managed to cram in these 68 minutes is more than most regular movies manage in much longer runtimes. And, for that, I have to applaud them… And I will… Once I recover from having suffered through this tripe for 68 fucking minutes.

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3 thoughts on “Lahore Confidential

  1. Great heaven. Was this film created by a six year old? It sounds as though it was created by a six year old. I’m deeply impressed, in the sense that I feel as though it’s driven an impression in my head.

    Thanks for the shout out, by the way.

    – Biswapriya Purkayastha

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