Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai

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Awright then, where to begin with this Prabhu Deva-directed, Salman Khan-starring extravaganza? This film has the word “Wanted” in its title. ‘Wanted’ is also the 2009 blockbuster, from the same director-actor duo, that is basically responsible for Bollywood’s whole South Indian action movie remake obsession (a trend that refuses to die to this day). “Radhe” was the name of the character Salman Khan played in ‘Tere Naam’, a blockbuster responsible for the most unfortunate hair styling trend in recent memory. And the character he plays in ‘R:YMWB’ is a cop who isn’t afraid to play by his own rules, much like the one he played in another one of his blockbusters, ‘Dabbangg’.

Now, I was ready to not recap this film when I first heard about it. With all these obvious throwbacks, I didn’t think there’d be anything new worth paying heed to here. But, boy, that presumption went in the dumpster real fast once I clicked play. I mean, sure, it glorifies shitty cops and, sure, there’s all the sexism and homophobia and all that boring crap that’s in every other movie. But trust me, this film is on another level when it comes to illogical things worth paying heed to.

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