Sex And The City 2

Before I start, a couple of qualifiers. I’ve seen a lot of TV and cinema in my time. Everything from so-called “chick flicks” to ‘The Bold & The Beautiful’ (If someone could tell me if Brooke’s finally slept with every character on the show yet, I would be much grateful). And, yes, this watchlist also includes almost every episode of ‘Sex & The City’.

The point being that I don’t think I’m an alpha-male whose intolerant of content not aimed at me. I, in fact, appreciate a lot of it. But ‘Sex And The City 2’ is a movie so mind-numbingly crappy, so superficial, vapid, and consumerist, it ranks right up there with some of the mind-numbingly crappiest Bollywood movies I’ve recapped… And you guys know I’ve recapped some major-league crappy ones.

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