Now, a lot of you may not know this, but Mimoh’s feature film debut ‘Jimmy’ is my pick for the second-most kickass movie of the last decade. The most kickass, of course, being ‘Jaani Dushman’. You may also not know that Mimoh’s name is derived from his father’s two greatest idols, Michael Jackson and Mohammed Ali.

So, when he decided to rechristen himself as “Mahaakshay” for this movie, I was surprised. Why would anyone wanna change their name from something as badass as “Mimoh”, I asked. I was also concerned that a name change might make him lose some of the mojo that made ‘Jimmy’ the cinematic genius that it is. But let me tell you, friends – ‘Haunted’ is every bit as genius as I could’ve hoped it to be. Truly, one of the great masterpieces of our era.

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