Even before I actually get down to watching Salman Khan’s ‘Ready’, it had already grossed the second-biggest opening weekend in Bollywood history, pulling in 40-something crores at the box office.

I have, of course, taken this fact with a pinch of salt, seeing as to how Bhai fanboys would flock to watch a movie featuring him reading a newspaper out loud for two hours, if ever such a movie released. However, even with a vat of salt, this film can best be described as interminable dross. Suitable only for those who possess the ability to go brain dead at will.

At last count, the film’s revenue is close to touching Rs 100 crore, ten days into its release. Sometimes I think to wonder how, as a nation of movie-goers, we could allow that.

But then I remember this is a country where even Arjun Rampal has received a National Award for acting, and the world makes sense again.

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