Jai Ho

It’s the first big release of the new year and, in Bollywood terms, it doesn’t get much bigger than a Salman Khan (playing titular Jai) film. Now, even though this movie is inspired by the already shoddy ‘Pay It Forward’, Salman Khan is the dude who makes blockbusters out of movies that are basically just him wiggling his belt around on screen. So you would agree that it’d take a special sort of talent to make a film so bad that even his own fans won’t recommend it to anyone. Turns out, this talent is genetically related to him. I mean, Sohail Khan… Dude… you can cast as many unemployed actors as you want in your film (everyone from Genelia D’Souza as armless Suman, to newbie Daisy Shah as love interest Rinky) but you’re never gonna get enough good karma to make up for the sin of making a boring Bhai film.

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