Khaali Peeli

‘Khaali Peeli’ is one of those annoying-ass movies that tells its story out of order because they know that, if you actually watched the whole thing straightforward-ly, it wouldn’t make a fuckton of sense.

Having said that, it does open with one of the best disclaimers I’ve ever seen before a movie.

It’s also quite hilarious to watch Ishaan Khatter and Ananya Panday struggle to not let their street-level tapori accents waver from scene to scene. Is it worth 299-bucks-to-rent-on-Zee-Plex hilarious, though? Naaah!

5 thoughts on “Khaali Peeli

  1. I love your reviews. I dont even need to see the movie now.. the last comment was simply hilarious!!

  2. Welcome back! Great comeback! Will be waiting for more.
    The great mastermind hero’s only talent seems to be getting caught and recognised again and again!

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