Sadak 2

Even before ‘Sadak 2’ came out on Hotstar, its trailer had become the second-most disliked video in the history of YouTube. As of right now, it has one of the worst ratings possible on IMDb, languishing at a sorry 1.1 stars out of 10. And, if you did a cursory search on Twitter, I doubt you’ll find many tweets in favour of it.

The thing is, I didn’t take any of this as a reflection on the actual movie. It all seemed to be part of a coordinated pile-on by the latest batch of ragers screaming nepotism. Or maybe it was because the film’s main antagonist was a Baba Ramdev type Hindu godman? Who can even tell what anyone is mad about anymore? What I can tell you is that I watched the movie recently. And does it deserve a 1.1-star rating? No. Does it deserve too much better than that? Unfortunately, also no.

3 thoughts on “Sadak 2

  1. Lol the outrage and dislikes after only seeing the trailer were in vain. Movie release hone ke baad waise bhi 1.1 stars hi milne the

  2. Vigil Idiot, it’s wonderful to have you back. Thank you for saving all the precious time & money one had wasted had you not written the reviews πŸ˜…

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