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By any measure, this has been a tough year. This pandemic’s hit everyone differently, some in much more real ways than others. In this here tiny corner of the interweb, though, the biggest impact the ‘Rona has had is that it’s stopped new movies from coming out. At least in any frequency that I would find ideal.

Having said that, if you know where to look, there’s still a lot of hidden gems to be found on the 217 different streaming platforms out there. Like this 2020 Vikram Bhatt release that I found stowed away in the Zee5 library. I’ll be honest, I’d never even heard of ‘Hacked’ till last week. But then I read the description that went “A 19-year-old hacker gets obsessed with Sam, a career-oriented woman”, and I knew this one was a winner. It’s an innocuous summary on its own, to be fair. But coupled with the fact that it’s the summary of a film made by the guy behind ‘Murder 3‘, ‘Raaz 3‘, ‘Haunted‘, and ‘Shaapit‘… yea, this one was a winner.

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  1. This is top quality stuff, Sahil. Kudos to you. Remember suggesting this back when it came out. I knew you’d have a field day with it. My favourite line being this 19 year old guy looking like sasta desi Macaulay Culkin. Hilarious!

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