Baaghi 3

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Now, ‘Baaghi 3’ is another one of those “sequels” that have nothing to do with the films that preceded it, except the name & maybe an actor or two. Think ‘Raaz 3’ or ‘Murder 3’. I dunno what to say about this Tiger Shroff action bonanza except that his nemesis this time is the most wanted terrorist in the world… and all the public property in Syria. What else is there to say after that anyway, really?

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4 thoughts on “Baaghi 3

  1. Your reviews are so amazing… They make me want to go back and watch the movie (instead of the whole stay – away – from – it) cause I’m intrigued if the story is really the ridiculous…
    I trust your review… But I think I really want to witness first hand… The idiocy of these stories!!! Too good!

  2. I admire your detailing and knack for catching stupid flaws in such a funny way, which has been consistently so, for over a decade now. Best wishes..

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