Student Of The Year 2

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Okay, so this film is a spiritual sequel to 2012’s infamous ‘Student Of The Year’ – a film that was much criticised for being too extra for what was, essentially, a high school drama. Not in terms of the story, but for all the budget, glamour, locations, guest stars, and the lifestyles it showed off. This film decides to take on that criticism head on… by doubling down on everything. And, yes, this includes somehow managing to get Will Smith to cameo in it. But the less we acknowledge that, the better. Does the film tell a better story around all that frivolity, though? I’ll let you decide.

This recap brought to you by our generous producers and absolute rockstars Juhi Bansal and Anjana Vencat.

Also, a HUGE shoutout to some of the members who make all of this possible:

That shining beacon, Anahita Daver
A wise soul, Sonia Thomas
The face of Panache, Shreemi Verma
Unparalleled genius, Mudit Sharma
Undisputed champion, Radhika Anand

And that skilled prodigy, Runjhun Noopur

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